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Led Paving Block Description 

The luminous paving stones manufactured by Walking On The Light are the only shining decorating detail of sett paving on the market. They are made in cast form with electronic devices embedded inside. This solution provides for the highest degree of both humidity resistance and high weather resilience what makes it possible for you to use this kind of decoration of your environment for many years.

It is the sole decoration on the market that can be called "luminous paving stones", because it is does not have the form of ordinary pavement lamp, but it is a monolith whose shape and sizes conform to the original concrete paving stones. This form makes the paved surface more attractive and it is undoubtedly the most attractive when it comes to create the nightly landscape of your environment, your town or a building you care for. In the daylight the luminous paving stones are almost indiscernible from other stones, what gives an impression of uniformity of the whole paved surface. The luminous paving stones can be used for outlining of driveways, staircase steps, dividing of parking sites, paths, squares, illumination of garden attractions at night. Apart from that there are many other ways to make use of you luminous pavement stones and we trust your imagination in this regard. 
In our pavement stones the LED technology has been used as the source of light. It guarantees energy saving and safety. The stones are manufactured in five colors: white, blue, green, red and yellow, what allows for creation of various unforgettable visual effects. Wide selection of shapes and sizes provides an opportunity to match the luminous stones to many most popular kinds of concrete pavement stones that are available on the market. The assembly of luminous pavement stones is very easy and everybody can accomplish it, if he follows the instructions included in the manual enclosed to the product along with hermetic connectors. The longevity of LED-diodes used in our stones amounts to 100 000 hours, so you can enjoy them for many decades. The operating costs of our paving stones are far lower than those of traditional sources of light, so you needn't care for your bills or for natural environment and use them to your heart's content. The luminous paving stones, manufacturing technology, design and the whole illumination system of the firm K&K PRODUCTS are patent-protected. 

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Walkin On The Light

"Walking on the Light" is a young and innovative led garden light company,
committed to delivering leading technology, high quality lighting products whilst working to meet the highest possible technical standards, keeping In mind safety, reliability, and value for money for every user.

To make sure this happends , "Walking on the light" relies on the commitment, experience, and skills of everyone involved in bring these Products to the Market.