"Walking on the Light" is a young and innovative led garden light company,

committed to delivering leading technology, high quality lighting products whilst working to meet the highest possible technical standards, keeping In mind safety, reliability, and value for money for every user.


To make sure this happends , "Walking on the light" relies on the commitment, experience, and skills of everyone involved in bring these Products to the Market.


Our aim is to source and supply modern, stylish garden lighting which deliver high efficiency whilst enhancing their environment, saving energy and reducing cost in the process.


Offering an energy-saving alternative to power-draining incandescents, LED garden lights can help you to make significant savings on your electricity bills. Extremely efficient, they deliver an impressive illumination while consuming minimum power. As well as being cheaper to run, they also have a much longer lifespan than traditional bulbs. Not only will this added longevity reduce maintenance and bulb replacement costs, it also makes them a more environmentally-friendly option.


Made from robust and sturdy components, LED lamps are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, making them the ideal long-lasting choice for outdoor illumination. Bringing warmth and light to your garden throughout the seasons, many of our low-energy fittings can also be used for security purposes, with built-in PIR sensors.


With a variety of contemporary styles and finishes to choose from, you shouldn’t struggle to find the perfect lighting solution for your exterior space.To find out more about how our outdoor garden LED lights can meet your lighting needs, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


We have a selection of led lighting, suitable for every kind of garden, patio, driveway and for places like homes, hotels, schools, restaurants, places of worship and commercial buildings.