Set 6x Pavotti - 10x20 Led Paving Block Inc. Cable, Diver

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Set including:

- 6x Pavotti - 10x20 Led Paving Block
- 20m of landscape waterproof cable
- 12 Waterproof Connectors
- Led Driver
- Instruction of installation

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Size: 10*20cm
High: 6cm
Colour: White/Blue/Green/Yellow
Material: High Desity Resin
Voltage: 12v

In Set:

In the daylight the luminous paving stones
are almost indiscernible from other stones,
what gives an impression of uniformity of the whole paved surface.

LED Paving Block They are made in the form of a cast of electronic devices embedded in them. This solution provides the highest degree of resistant to moisture and very low temperature. Durability 5 Tons per dm2.


The assembly of luminous pavement stones is very easy and everybody can accomplish it,
if you follows the instructions.

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